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celebrate your natural state

july 2018

Spring Hill, South Berwick, Maine


experience true freedom

Imagine a day of ecstatic bliss, a place where you don't have to worry, a moment when you can be exactly who you are. 
All of a sudden things seem clear, the trees burst in vibrancy, you feel connected to everything. 

At Wild Vibes, we are bringing together every sound, beat, movement and environment to create an experience of true freedom. Together, we celebrate diversity and support each other to blaze our own trails.

This is your natural state.


mindful movement & wellness

We bring together pioneers of the yoga and wellness industry with the seacoasts best teachers to show you how to find your own path.


art & music

We unite up-and-coming musical artists with one big headliner for an inspired blend of local talent and international flavor. We feature our favorite sea coast vendors and artists to support our local community.


nature in everything

From the design of the stage to an art grove nestled in the woods, we integrate nature in everything. From the feeling of doing yoga in soft grass and the breeze whistling through your hair, you will feel the wildness.


magic moments

We live for this - that moment when time stops, when you breathe in, when you take off all of your roles and responsibility. Together, we'll create a new version ourselves and watch that growth ignite.


your natural state


connect with us



energy or atmosphere created by a group of individuals


field guide

Enjoy the latest guidance from our Wild Vibes Tribe. We talk about mindful movement, travel, health lifestyle, wellness and more!



portugal Retreat

Join the founders of Wild Vibes for an inspiring week in Portugal.
Find your path and embark on the incredible adventure that is your life. 

wild vibes 2018

Festival info will be available Spring 2018.
Mark your calendars, we'll back with more vibes than ever before.



we need your soul to make this happen.

All proceeds from this event go to __________


start your journey

We want to support you on the path to your truest self. 
Experience true freedom at Wild Vibes.