celebrate your natural state. 


Our Story

Wild Vibes was born on a grassy knoll on a hot summer day in 2014. Back then, it was simply a shared vision between just the two of us. We were inspired by the Seacoast's abundance of yoga, music, and art, but also felt a disconnect and separation among not only these creative cultures, but also within our community, and within ourselves. So we mused over an idea. An idea of creating a day to change all that. That idea brought in a handful of people to the first ever Wild Vibes Festival held at Pierce Island in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Although that gathering was small, something there felt really big. What had started as a dream to break down the walls of our vibrant art and holistic communities, soon became an annual festival that aims to bridge the gap, bring people together, and simply put: celebrate all the wild. 

Wild Vibes has become a home where people return and arrive to year after year to share talents, to learn from one another, and to connect over the universal languages of yoga, music, and art that bring us all together. Completely run by volunteers, a group of people who donate a lot of talent, heart, sweat, and soul, Wild Vibes continues to be a place of what it was founded on: inclusivity, creative collaboration, kindness, and the celebration of our most natural state: wild. 

Since our first festival (shout out to our friends and family) in 2014, we have grown (thanks to an amazing team of volunteers and an incredible expanding community) into a movement, a festival, and a retreat company, connecting humans both locally and globally who choose to share, be, and live their wild.

At Wild Vibes, you're invited, you are welcome here. 

♥ Stay Wild, 
With love & gratitude.

Wild Vibes Co-Creators, 
AJ Govoni, Lauren Lee, & Maggie Barrett