Wild Vibes Festival 2017 Workshop Schedule


11 - 11:45: Essential Wellness with Charlene Chandler

Description: Learn about the benefits of essential oils and how they can add to your family's health and wellness routine. Explore how oils can be integrated with balancing the Chakras and used to enhance your Fitness/ Yoga practice. Everyone is invited to create their own brown sugar scrub with essential oils.

Bio: Charlene is passionate about the transformative powers of yoga, the chakras and energy system, and essential oils. She has a hOMe studio and is certified in Yoga, Barre, Reiki, and is a Young Living Independent Essential Oil Consultant. Charlene empowers her students to investigate, understand, forgive, and heal, in an effort to release tension, stress, and open to love.

11 - 11:45: Bringing Mindfulness into Educational Settings with Michelle Blanchette

Description: Explore the practice of mindfulness within the educational system through various practices to heal and support our communities. This workshop will combine ways to implement an integrated approach through the use of holistic health, yoga and essential oils.

Bio: Michelle fell in love with yoga in Los Angeles in 2001. She teaches yoga and within the educational system on the Seacoast, and is passionate about creating a space to give people permission to stop, take a deep breath and surrender for deserved rest and deep healing.


12- 12:45: Uncaged - Buti Yoga with Ankati Day

Description: Here, there's no such thing as "too wild" - tear down the walls of your cage! Buti yoga combines a vinyasa-style yoga flow with tribal dance and explosive plyometric movement to invite you to move in your wholeness! Sweat with intention and shake it out.

Bio: Ankati Day is a yogi, dancer, and space holder who believes that embodiment is the doorway to healing and freedom. She teaches Sacred Flow Yoga and Buti Yoga around the Seacoast, inviting people to experiencing their bodies both in stillness and in wild motion. If she's not on her mat, you'll find Ankati writing, dancing, or wandering the forest paths with her pup.

12-12:45: Eating Sustainably - Foraging and Local Sourcing for a Healthier Diet with Elena Faltas

Description: Join Elena to learn about the nutritional and environmental importance of eating local. How do your food choices affect your body? The community? The earth?

This workshop will offer ideas on how to become a conscious consumer and share information on seasonal foraging in our area!

Bio: Elena is a rising chef in the seacoast area, with a passion for community involvement. She is a dedicated food educator with the goal of helping you build confidence as a mindful consumer and as a cook in the kitchen. Elena has trained with Chef Sessler of Cava in Portsmouth and Chef Hennessey of Stages in Dover, and she is eager to share her knowledge with you!


1-1:45: Fully Yourself, Fully A Mama with Allison Dudas

Description: Becoming a mother is truly a privilege. But it can take over! How do we keep our womanhood alongside our motherhood? How do we preserve and cultivate our own identity while embracing being a parent? This workshop will delve into the challenge parents face in maintaining their own identities after the life-changing reality of children.

Bio: Hi, I'm Allison! I'm a mother, writer, yoga instructor, fitness lover, gardener, clean eater with a messy house and more. In the same breath, I can speak about pop culture and global inequality -- my heart lives in extremes. My hope is to speak honestly about what's hard and good and to become skilled in spotting the sacred in the ordinary.


1-1:45: Reclaiming the Root of Your Food with Morgan Avery

Description: From generations of tradition to the most recent health trends, we will unravel the social and cultural reasons behind why we eat and behave the way we do. Through recognizing the sometimes invisible influences in our lives, we can truly claim power over our individual choices. (And if that doesn’t entice you, come for the snacks!)

Bio: What happens when a foodie sociologist improves her health through the discovery of plant-based food? To begin, she becomes a health coach, chef, and passionate explorer of the latest wellness trends. Along with her creative recipes in her kitchen and at The Fresh Press, Morgan Avery brings a fresh (ha!) perspective to the table when it comes to health and diet, drawing from her unique skill set to explore the intersection between culture, tradition, social location and personal experiences.

2-2:45: Maintaining the Sensory Self through Nature with Matt Entwistle

Description: Unstructured time in the woods, outside of pure fitness based recreation is essential to help balance ones self. Explore our relationship to wild places and how they aid us in fully experiencing life through connecting back to our senses, increasing awareness, eliminating anxiety, and building self confidence.

Bio: Matt Entwistle comes from a very diverse and varied background in wilderness living. His work with several non-profit and federal land management agencies has allowed him to empower those who’s shared passion resides in learning about and protecting wild places. Matt has spent the last decade working with and leading programs whose goals where centered on conservation, primitive skills and backcountry living. His time working with and managing conservation crews allowed for training in the areas of wilderness medicine, leave no trace, trail building, wild land fire and ecology. He has spent several seasons guiding overland and river wilderness trips in Alaska, running sled dogs in Colorado and more recently helping students attain their dreams of building a wooden surfboard with Grain Surfboards in York Maine.

2-2:45: Six Word Mantras with Carley Barton

Description: We all have an inner power to create a mood or emotion simply by the words that we choose. Those words, and the way we communicate those words, can heavily influence our overall narrative. Often times, insecurity, doubt, and fear creep in, and we find ourselves choosing words and telling ourselves stories that don't best reflect what we'd like to manifest in the world. We'll explore the power of positive and affirmative word choice, and through various exercises, we'll write and walk away with our own 6 word mantras that we can return to in times when we need a little boost of positivity.

3-3:45: Sacred Ritual Benefits with John Cole

Description: Ritual is the most ancient way of binding a community together in a relationship with Spirit. Learn the tools and techniques to hold your own ritual along with many examples of this "indigenous technology" from cultures all over the world.

Bio: John Cole dreamed the Aquarian Bear into being as a way of sharing his love for yoga, cacao, and reiki. He is a certified Yoga instructor, Cacao Facilitator, Reiki Master, and firekeeper. You can attend one of his classes at Yogasmith, Mission Portsmouth, Rye Beach Yoga, and Yoga in ME.


3-3:45: Living YOUR Ideal Life - Creating a Life of Authenticity with Abby O'neil

Description: What excites you? What drives you? What are you dreams? Are you working toward your dream or living them already? This workshop with assist you in casting a vision of what’s possible, how to attract the right people into your life, and touch upon how you do one thing is how you do everything.

Bio: I am a mom of two girls and another girl on the way! I work from home full time with my husband and own a small lifestyle transformation and wellness consulting business. I have a passion for assisting people in living their ideal life as well as an ambassador of a full time family. I live by the words, "Always lead with LOVE."


4-4:45: Partner Thai Massage with Alexandra Ellis & Melodie Fallon

Description: Melodie and Alexa will walk you through a grounding meditation, teach you to touch with intention and introduce fun techniques to exchange with family and friends.

Bio: This soul sister duo hails from the Ocean state, teaching both Yin and Yang yoga. Melodie specializes in Thai massage and intuitive movement and touch with intention. Alexa's passion is Yin yoga and deep fascial work and integrates dance and soul song in her classes.


4-4:45: How Mountains Heal with Laura Loewy

Description: We will explore what our natural world has to offer and how to create more joy and genuine connection with ourselves, and the people in our lives through outdoor adventure. Learn ways in which you can create new communities and attract a healthy motivated tribe into your life.

Bio: Laura is dedicated to empowering people to thrive outside through yoga, hiking, and outdoor adventure. Laura is an alumni of the National Outdoor Leadership School, a trained Wilderness First Responder, and is certified in Vinyasa & teen yoga. She studied under the guidance of Taylor and Philip Wells. When Laura isn't leading outdoor yoga adventures she teaches yoga at several studios in the Boston area.


5-5:45: Forest Bathing with Kelsea Anderson

Bio: With roots from the salty New England coast, Kelsea Anderson is a certified forest therapy guide, health coach, and yin yoga instructor.  Kelsea leads forest therapy walks in a variety of natural settings around the world, including retreats and festivals, providing healing and deep nature experiences. Combining her mastered skills in nature connection, health, and yoga, she guides individuals in creating a balanced and vibrant lifestyle while encouraging alignment with ‘self, body, and nature’.

Description: Slow down and sink into the healing elements of deep nature that surround the festival. Experience nature in a whole new way in this guided practice, as we reconnect the soul with the wild through a series of Japanese inspired invitations.


5-5:45: The Intuitive Guidance of our Earthly Cycles with Mary Vogel

Description: Together we can deepen our level of trust in the natural cycles of our lives. In this workshop, we will cover the energetic stages of the lunar and female cycles. We will discuss diet, sex, exercise, affirmations, and thought patterns. We will actively engage in breathwork, intentional movement, massage, and meditation. Bring an open heart and a wiliness to receive the creative gifts that we share with the Earth's cycles.

Bio: Mary is a holistic occupational therapist, advocate, and artist. Mary’s work is rooted in creating worldwide human equality through education, advocacy, celebration and creativity. She provides guidance to cultivate whole body wellness.