Well-Being ↠≫≫ Transition into Fall from Raise Your Beat

"Autumnal Equinox," from Raise Your Beat platform, words by Lauren Lee.

As the world spins, the seasons change and mother nature transitions effortlessly into a new time of year. A native to New England, the four seasons have been instilled in my cells memory from a young age. The four seasons each represent different memories and experiences, all with their own unique qualities and individual offerings. 

Although each season has its own sweetness, I admit I am a natural lover of heat and I would often dread the last days of summer, knowing well that fall and winter were soon to follow. However, as my yoga practice and understanding of Ayurveda have increased, the seasonal shifts have brought a new found love and sense of gratitude for each of these special transitions. Each season holds its own unique proportions of the elements and is a combination of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. 

Fall is characteristic of the elements air and space. Winds are higher, days and nights are cooler and things inevitably dry up and move into hibernation for the coming winter months. When these elements are elevated in our external environment, they are always amplified within our bodies and minds. This makes nature is our greatest teacher. We are not mean to resist nature, but instead effortlessly align ourselves in order to absorb the nourishment from each season. 

The more we can accept and understand the qualities of each season, the easier it will be to bring balance to our bodies and minds through simple shifts in our lifestyle. 

So the practice and process is never ending, on and off the mat: awareness, acceptance and clarity will always support you in the best way possible.

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