Travel ↠≫≫ Transformation of Solo Travel

All travel includes challenges, but even more so when we traverse foreign contexts alone. When we are alone, we are invited to move fearlessly into unknown territories and ignite our intuitive capacities. These moments demand that we fully trust and surrender — to remember that there is always a way to overcome obstacles. We are opened to a higher grace that reveals connection with everything and everyone, even in the most foreign of contexts. 

But most importantly, when we are on our own, we are invited to embrace ourselves fully and to love ourselves unconditionally…

When we long for the familiar comforts of home and the people we love, yet we are alone — we must return to self-love. This is the perfect opportunity to sit with the (often times uncomfortable) sensations and allow the feelings of unknowing/fear/loneliness to be washed away by what is familiar and unchanging...the steadiness of our breathe, the rising sun and moon, yoga, art, journaling, and the practice of letting go and looking for the good. We learn to refuel ourselves through the incredible abundance that is around us and always available to us when we accept our situation in present awareness. This practice brings us back time and time again to our inner sanctuary and sparks moments of contentment, peace and gratitude. 

Sometimes the most transformational times during travel are the ones we don't expect or necessarily enjoy. Often they are the times when we are face to face with ourself and must look within for guidance. This process of recognizing, accepting and embracing all that is with an open heart is truly where the journey deepens. 

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