The 2018 Healing SANCTUARY Line-Up


New this year! The healing sanctuary provides an opportunity for you to restore and receive healing love from our highly qualified and professional healers and guides. 

Welcome to our Healing SANCTUARY Schedule

12:15 -1:00PM

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath Journey


Description: All of life is vibration, and it’s power can bring deep healing, joy, and ease. Join Ankati for a soundbath with the beauty of crystal singing bowls and voice. She will guide you through relaxing breathwork before elevating and calming your body and mind; serenading you as you rest in the warm summer air! Suggested items to bring: towel or mat

Bio: Ankati Day is a yogi, dancer, and space holder who believes that embodiment is the doorway to healing and freedom. She guides Sound Healing Journeys, using voice and crystal singing bowls to bring balance to our vibrational bodies and ease in the mind and heart. She also teaches Sacred Flow Yoga and Buti Yoga around the Seacoast, inviting people to experiencing their bodies both in stillness and in wild motion. If she's not on her mat or with her singing bowls, you'll find Ankati writing, dancing, or wandering the forest paths with her pup.


2:00 - 3:15PM

Healing with Cannabis 101: CBD vs THC + Cannabis-infused Yin


Description: Join Claire and Lauren in deconstructing the stigma surrounding cannabis, and experience the benefits during an infused Yin practice. Find clarity between the two major healing components within the plant to help define your own bio-individual needs in developing a self-treatment plan. Claire will discuss new (non-smoking) ways to use cannabis for the modern professional, focusing on edibles and new modalities that might be a better alternative. Lauren will then lead you through a Yin practice to compliment plant-based treatment, focusing on anxiety and pain reduction.  All Kind Chocolate and Edibles Tasting provided. Suggested items to bring: Open mind + mat or towel

Bios: Claire Stretch is a professional Medical Cannabis Cultivator/Caregiver, licensed Hemp Grower, and Founder/CEO of All Kind LLC - an artisanal Cannabinoid-based edibles company specializing in Medicated, tempered chocolate. She has grown from helping one sick friend into creating product lines of boutique edibles with national sales in her hemp-based offerings. Specializing in seed-to-bar, the All Kind product line-up has found success with easily-dosed, clean and bright chocolate bars that are designed for quality. From the farm, through extraction/manufacturing and onto store shelves, Claire has a working knowledge of the current cannabis culture, and helps to provide Cannabis Education throughout New England.

Lauren Shea is a reiki practitioner, yoga teacher, and holistic health coach. She developed her business, Wild & Free Wellness, to empower others to unleash their wild and create happier, healthier lives through a holistic approach. She believes food is medicine, and the body has the ability to heal and manage pain itself through plants. Medicinal cannabis has helped her to manage her own health, and is excited to help bring this extraordinary alternative to Wild Vibes!




Description: Ceremonial cacao is a hot energizing chocolate drink brewed with the communities intention. Join together for a moment of magic where we will create a sacred container for dreams to manifest. In this space, the cacao spirit, Yollotl Eztli, heart's blood, will guide us to the threshold of our inner world and from there it's up to us where we go.


Bio: John Cole is a seasoned yogi from the Seacoast area. He is a Rasamaya certified 200 hour instructor, and a valued Reiki Master, cacao ceremony conductor, and firekeeper. He carries these traditions with respect, authenticity, and integrity. His intention as an instructor is to create a harmonious space for students to learn about their bodies and correct any imbalances through a steady asana practice.

5:15 - 6:00PM



Description: Restore and receive. In this class, you'll be guided into a restorative yoga practice while receiving the loving and healing powers of Reiki. 

Bio: Karyn Tower is a certified yoga instructor (200-RYT) and has been a dedicated practitioner of yoga for more than ten years. Her goal as a teacher is to help create a feeling of ease within the practice for each student. She teaches from personal experience and shares her knowledge with clarity and joy. Her love of teaching and the yoga community is reflected in each class. She is committed to continuing her education, constantly looking to grow and learn in order to inspire and motivate her students.

Shelly Grande is an international Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and creator of malas.  She connected with yoga while living in Australia and found home on her mat. Inspired by her teacher Kimberly Dahlmann's ability to hold space for her students, she traveled to Maui to immerse in teacher training with Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane. Her classes are a practice of self love inspired by Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, and cosmic astrology. She believes in taking the qualities we strive for on the mat - things like honesty, integrity, and compassion - off the mat and into our world. Shelly is passionate about sharing the tools that continuously help her land in presence, release negativity and realign with her true essence of love and joy. She wholeheartedly believes in the infinite healing abilities of Yoga, Reiki and Meditation. Join Shelly for practice on the mat, invite peace and ease into your world with a  Reiki session and ask her about malas as a meditation tool.



Ready to receive some healing love at the healing sanctuary?! This year, get to experience the gifts of reiki, massage, tarot, and health coaching over at the healing sanctuary from our qualified professionals. 


Lauren Dyer
Helen Daige
Jillian Sims
Kati Libby
Ruth George
Amanda Charbonneaua
Kristen Kirby
Kayla McElroy
Allison Dolanabbison
Paula Hogan


Devon Boyd
Alison Greco
Kiara Archambault


Heather Gilman
Chris Gilman

Tarot & Medium

Veronica Woodlief
Stephanie Dasarocolor 

Integrative Nutrition

Melissa Groves