Interested in being a part of the Wild Vibes Healing Sanctuary or Healing Village? We're looking for healers to share their unique gifts either in a workshop format or option to rent a healing space in the village. Energy workers, reiki practitioners, massage therapist, tarot readers, etc. 
We want to know what you can offer! Please fill out the appropriate form below!

Please note, we receive a high volume of applications and requests to be a part of the festival line-up. We have a limited number of teaching opportunities. We seek diversity with our yoga styles and offerings, while bringing in the most requested teachers by our community.  We do our best to respond to each one, but do not be discouraged if you don't hear back or are not on the line-up for this year's festival. There are still plenty of ways to be involved and enjoy what the festival has to offer. There is the opportunity to apply to be a vendor in the Healing Village - see details below.


Healing Village- $75.00

Submissions accepted until June 1st.

We have a limited number of full day spaces for anyone wanting to share their services in the Healing Village.
♥ Includes 1 employee all access admissions ticket
♥ Includes a space to share your services in the Healing Village.
♥ Link to your services and logo represented on Wild Vibes website.

Please read the terms and conditions HERE and apply to rent a space in the healing village

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