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 welcome to Wild Vibes

At Wild Vibes, we invite you to join us for the ultimate day of creativity and community. Celebrated as New England's favorite yoga, music, and arts festival, Wild Vibes features a diverse line-up of teachers, presenters, and performers. Experience a jam-packed day of live music, inspiring workshops, unique yoga classes, and local artisans. A kid-friendly event, Wild Vibes Festival offers something for everyone.

A grassroots gathering that gives back in big ways, our mission is to bring the community together through all-inclusive and uplifting experiences. We unite every sound, beat, and movement to create an experience for you to feel free. A place where you don’t have to worry, a moment when you can be exactly who you are. Where strangers become your friends and creative cultures co-exist. A time to reconnect to nature and return to your natural state: wild.

unleash your wild.



We bring together pioneers of the yoga, creative, and holistic community to help you find your own path.


art & music

We unite up-and-coming musical artists with one big headliner for an inspired blend of local talent and international flavor.


nature in everything

From the design of the shalas to an art grove nestled in the woods, we integrate nature in every aspect of the festival. Practice yoga with the earth under your feet. Dance to music by the water. Feel the wild.


magic moments

We live for the moment when time stops. When everything comes alive. When life feels good. Try something new and let your senses awaken. Make connections that last a lifetime. Find your vibe.



energy or atmosphere created by a group of individuals


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Mark your calendars, we'll back with more vibes than ever before.

The Wild Vibes Blog

Enjoy the latest insights from our Wild Vibes Tribe on our blog. We chat about travel, yoga, music, and wellness!


ZION Retreat

Join the creators of Wild Vibes for an adventure packed weekend to the magical U.S. National Park: ZION!





By the community, for the community.

A portion of proceeds benefit Yoga & Cancer SATYA + PURESA HUMANITARIAN


Start your journey.

And celebrate your natural state.