The 2019 Marketplace

The Roots Food Village

The Food Vendors

  • Mr. Tuna

  • Good Vibes Shaved Ice

  • Laney & Lu Cafe

  • Ohana Kitchen

  • The Juicery

  • Higher Grounds

The Gaia Marketplace

The Vendors

  • Coyote River Hemp Co.

  • Vaalbara Designs

  • Dani Lee Pottery

  • Windy Maple Designs

  • Handmade V2C

  • Heather O’Meara

  • Pocketful of Bliss

  • Sarah Crawford Handcrafted Jewelry

  • Mystic Enterprises

  • Dr. Dandelion

  • Whole Heart Therapies

  • Magpie Wild Wellness

  • C A R M E N . F E R N Á N D E Z

  • Miles Handmade Crafts Fox


  • Clover Kids Yoga Props

  • Little Red Sauna

  • LIVone

  • Yoga BnB

  • DoTerra Essential Oils

  • Luna Pines Jewelry

  • My Family Jewel

  • Pi Yoga Pants

  • I am Earth Bound

  • Kate Pennington

The Healing Village

The healers

  • Paula Hogan: Reiki: Nourish your Mind, Body, and Soul while reducing any anxiety and stress with Reiki Master and Teacher, Paula Hogan. As an original Wild Vibes reiki practitioner, Paula's sessions leave you calm and soothed with increased awareness and clarity to enjoy the festival! Paula will be available to answer any questions you have on learning the gift or reiki, offering information on her upcoming classes.

  • Kate Fazio: Thai Yoga Bodywork & Herbalism

  • Veronica Woodlief: Card readings & Healing Sessions: Find balance, purpose, clarity, freedom & alignment with Holistic Oracle Card Readings and Crystal Chakra Healing.

  • Nancy Bariluk-Smith: Mini Thetahealing Sessions: ThetaHealing helps to uncover old thought patterns, resentments and fears as it opens space for lasting change. Change your thinking, change your life with 30 minute mini sessions.

  • Adrienne Irizarry: Vaginal Steaming

  • Stacey Sargent: Reiki with Essential Oils: Stacey Sargent of Inner Presence Healing will be offering mini reiki sessions incorporating essential oils.

  • Alexa Lizotte: Reiki & Aromatherapy Healing: Offering 15 minute Reiki sessions with essential oils

  • Kevin St. Onge: Reiki: Offering complimentary 15 mins Reiki sessions

  • Erica Sarcione: Reiki & Holistic Health Coach

  • Lea Lehman: Emotion Code & Pendulum Readings

  • Kim Fish: Myofascial Release: Offering Myofascial Release Sessions

  • Tania Zuckerman: Therapeutic Breathwork: Offering20-minute integrative sessions include a personalized centering Therapeutic Breathwork sessions.

  • Deanna Raymond: Massage Therapy: Offering massage for healing, release and relaxation. Specific to YOUR needs every time.

  • Dianne Bischoff James: Akashic Record Readings and Tapping. Akashic readings clarify your soul’s purpose and give insight as to how you are progressing on your life’s path. Tapping on the meridian points permanently dissolves core wounds and releases anything in life that is holding you back

The Dreamers Den

The Artists

  • Dana James

  • Caryn Lynn Duncan

  • Here Comes the Blaze

  • Kayla Rae

  • Adella Page

  • Wendy Jackson

  • Denise Tinlin

  • Julia Capello

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