The 2018 Movement Line-up


Come get your groove on! New this year - we're excited to announce our space where movement and music meet. 

Welcome to our Groove Grove Schedule

12:15 - 1:00 PM

Rock N Roll Warrior Yoga

With David Glazebrook

Description: Move and groove to Rock N Roll as you flow with a strong practice that focuses on the pose and the moment. A Warrior above all other understand the inner strength and attention one must have to move forward and protect that which is the most dear. To do this, a warrior must pay attention to the moment, be aware of his/her mind and body, the air they breathe and focus of the pose and all life around them. This practice will bring you to peace within the mind and strengthen the body so that you may go forth and be the strong pillar people can lean on in time of need.

Yoga Warrior 2-Dave.jpg

Bio: David is a 13 year Army Veteran who served in Iraq and is co-owner of Yoga on York in York Maine. Yoga gave him a way to strengthen and calm his mind, body and soul. Always “matter of fact” and never graceful in any yoga pose his classes are fun, challenging and focus on strength, mindfulness and patience. With a balance of poses and laughter, David’s classes have something for everyone. David is a 500 hour RYT.

1:15 - 2:00PM


With Sami Migliozzi and Emily CHANDRA

Description: Vibe out with Sami & Emily for this soulful and playful practice! Fire playlist, full body flow, feel-good movement, and possible dance party. Join these two and experience the Medicine that is Movement.

Bio: Samantha Migliozzi and Emily Chandra have both been students of yoga, movement, and alternative medicine for nearly a decade. Sami is owner & teacher at The Cure Studios in Salisbury, MA teaching Buti Yoga, Restorative, Vinyasa and Power classes. Emily is a traveling instructor known for her soulful, yet accessible classes ranging from Vinyasa and Power, to Restorative and Dance classes. Both are certified bodyworkers and have enjoyed the privilege of sharing these practices all over the world.


2:15 - 3:00 PM


With Ankati Day

Description: Shakti Rising : Buti Yoga. Creating fierce freedom in our bodies, minds, and spirits means breaking lose from the ways we constrict our own expression. Explore dynamic, fluid movement that stretches the edges and linear ways you're used to moving -- freeing the hips, spine, and heart, we awaken our creative Shakti energy and celebrate its wild and fierce ways!


Bio: Ankati Day is a yogi, dancer, and space holder who believes that embodiment is the doorway to healing and freedom. She teaches Sacred Flow Yoga and Buti Yoga around the Seacoast, inviting people to experiencing their bodies both in stillness and in wild motion. If she's not on her mat, you'll find Ankati writing, dancing, or wandering the forest paths with her pup.


3:15 - 4:00PM

DANCE: Movement, Sound, & Nature

With Anthony Bounphakhom

Description: Another way to tap into your soul by moving to music in nature. This is a beginner dance and movement class that teaches you how to both move and connect with music. 


Bio: Anthony has been a dancer for 10 years and is now a part owner of LA Beatz Dance studio. He's trained at various dance conventions to classes with people all over the dance industry. He hopes to inspire people through his journey of chasing his dreams. He believes you should be able to do what you love no matter the situation.