To our loving sponsors & FRIENDS who help make Wild Vibes Festival happen!

Wild Vibes would not be possible without the support from our partners. We work with companies and brands that align with our values and visions to create an uplifting and unique experience. 

2018 Wild Vibes Festival Partners


2018 Partners

We believe in partnering and collaborating with like-minded companies that aim to make our world a brighter and better place. Thank you to these loving partners for donating your services!

Seacoast Flash

Seacoast Flash

Satya North Logo 2018 - Vert - Grey v2 (1).png
Monica Justesen Photography

Monica Justesen Photography

Yelp Maine

Yelp Maine


2018 Friends

Wild Vibes is a grassroots company run completely by volunteers. Financial donations and sponsorships help us bring the festival to life - and of course, provide a greater contribution to our charitable organizations. Thank you to these loving friends for your kind monetary donations. 

Yoga on York

Yoga on York



Wild Vibes LLC is always interested in learning more about partner opportunities that will add mutual value to our mission in the world. We are a grassroots company that's passionate about building sustainable relationships that support our growing community. 

Tell us about the love and vision behind your story! We would love to connect. 

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