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Nevaeh Dance Circus
is an innovative, creative, and talented group of movement artists residing in the hills of western Maine.
There modern form of dance theater incorporates a variety of different dance styles, and forms circus arts. Nettie Gentempo
Hannah Gentempo, Hillary Perry, Jess Cooper, Lauren Goodwin, Lynsey Tamposi, Garcia Rayn, Sierra Joy, Claudia Laguardia


Kyla Call aka Sunshine shines her brightest when flowing freely with her hoops or inspiring others to let go, heal past wounds and flow towards becoming their best self.


Amelia Aglow (Shakti) believes healing inspires play. She is licensed in Massage Therapy and Fire Production, and has 500+ hours in training with the Kripau and Shivashakti Schools of yoga. Amelia started out as a closet practitioner of yoga and hooping, and as she discovered their healing benefits, the veil dropped. She's been teaching both since 2010, and has a private Massage practice in Portland, ME.


Kayla Rae
Kayla Rae is a hoop dancer, circus performer, and teacher that recently transplanted herself from California to Maine. A lover of adventure, yoga, and exploring new ways to be upside down or spinning herself dizzy, she is an ultimate advocate for play and joy.


Hayley Burns
Haley is an East Coast based Artist whose creative inspiration has been greatly influenced by time studying art and living in Melbourne, Australia. Along with being an Artist, she is a student at the University of New Hampshire and works as a creative for Mr. Fox Composting. She is passionate about creating and inspiring healing in the world by making the world more beautiful for everyone! Utilizing walls as her favorite medium, Haley uses public art as a way for all people to have the chance to feel moved, inspired, and connected to what she creates from her soul. Find her on Instagram @hbdezzies


Mary Kearns is the artist behind The Eye of Henna & 13 Moons Tattoo studio & Healing Art of Reiki. Mary is a Reiki Master Teacher since 2004 she uses energy work to inspire her art and practice. Mary does permanent tattoos in her private tattoo studio. Her wall murals can be found in yoga studios & private business throughout New England.